Workshop Stories


Our stories are like a journey. Gathered here are a few of the inspiring moments, ideas and creativities that led to our art pieces and interior designs.


ART: Fine Art, Prints, Photographs etc

As part of our vision to create fully customized products that includes art, furniture and other decorative elements, that couldn’t be bought off the shelf, Artizan will work with artists and graphic designers to produce the necessary product. In some cases, working with a team of artists to create the right feel in the total property



Artizan uses AutoCAD, Sketch-Up and 3D rendering as well as real drawing in the development of art and furniture. After the concept design is signed off, mock-ups and prototypes are produced for review by the architect or client. These can be made using our 3D printer or modeling department and will represent perfectly the finished product. After the prototype is agreed and budget signed off, we are ready to produce the full-size piece in the agreed materials.



Artizan extends its services to design custom lamps and artwork. We work with a myriad of different materials and established suppliers. Each object reflects a real understanding of the brief using appropriate materials and engineering, to create something that adds real value to the total finished product. We research the crafts, culture and processes of the locality, and find a balance between local and new ideas.