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We will take care of your needs for your interior and exterior.

Justin Visual Artist

Justine Missen is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer with a background in brand strategy and interior design. Custom furniture and fittings, surface design, large scale artworks, textiles, illustration, painting, branding and spacial design are just some of the skills Justine combines on a project-to-project basis. Originally from Australia, she now lives primarily in Bali Indonesia.

David James Asia Art Lab

David has been working as an Artist for the past 25 years, specialising in creating contemporary and abstract handmade forms and studies through creating a variety of mixed medias, using charcoals, paintings, and clay to begin the creative journey.

Sealey Brandt Photo Art

Sealey Brandt has been Singapore Tatler’s most preferred portrait photographer six years running. She has been chosen by her clients as her photographic style is unique and it stands out from the crowd of photographers available today especially in the portrait world. She stands out because of her ability to draw out the real you in pictures. Her style of work is like no other family portrait work.

Clay Time

From South of Milan to Ubud in Bali Marcello and Michela Have created a phenomenally successful and creative enterprise the genesis of which began with the search for new patinas for sculpture by Michela. She turned to ceramics for the answers –

Man of Steel

Tjien is one of those people we meet occasionally, brimming with natural intelligence, talent and pure raw energy. As a self-taught engineer, sculptor and constructor of installations at an epic scale it’s no surprise to find his works gracing Marriott, Langham and Four Seasons Hotels, luxury yachts and the forecourts of giant corporations.

Made of Wood

Made loves wood, and from an early age this passion sparked a strong desire to work with unloved, discarded and forgotten dead wood.

Renaissance Girl

Ines Katamso is a Mural and Wall Artist but that’s only half of the story. As a girl born to the delightful mix of French and Indonesian parents, Ines expresses this ‘’duality” in all she does.


Our Mission

We will take care of your needs for your interior and exterior.

  • Provide creative dynamic art solutions
  • Provide a realistic and comprehensive process
  • Provide a cost effective & professional service
  • Provide collaboration with the best artists and craftsmen
  • Provide well managed production, logistics and installation supervision
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